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Graham Creek GOAT

Order Your All Natural Farm Raised Goat

All our goats are raised here at Graham Creek Farm and you can truly taste the difference of meat that was raised on open pastures.

100% all natural ontario goat

Our Boer Goats

Your farm tour is not complete until you meet our friendly goat herd. Our all natural farm raised goats are free to roam throughout their natural environment. Access to fresh air, natural sunlight, clean fresh water and natural sources of nutrition.

Our goats are never fed growth hormones or synthetic feed additives. A natural diet of pasture grazing and during winter months, hay and grains, means that you don’t have to wonder about what you’re putting in your body.

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FARm raised beef badges-01

Natural farm raised beef

Our beef is raised in a pasture-based system, free of antibiotics, hormones, and chemicals. You can truly taste the difference of meat that was raised on open pastures.

FARm raised lamb badges-01

All natural raised lamb

Our lambs are raised using a pasture-based rotational grazing farming method. The most truly ecologically sound and sustainable farming method, producing the sweetest and most succulent meat.

FARm raised eggs badges-01

Farm fresh raised eggs

Taste the difference that farm-fresh makes. Our local farm fresh eggs come from free-ranging chickens fed an all-natural diet and are free of antibiotics and hormones.