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Our Story

established in 2005

It’s always better at the farm

Graham Creek Farm is moments away from Newcastle village. An ecologically sustainable and friendly 40 acre family farm in Clarington, with a rich historical and agricultural background split between pasture, cropping, ponds and managed forests.

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Helping our Local Community

We are members of various farming regulatory bodies, such as the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, Ontario Farm Fresh and the Durham Farmers County Co-op.

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Sustainable Future

In addition, we have successfully completed various action plans and workshops to improve an ecological sustainable future and develop best farm management practices for agritourism success; such as a Nutrient Management Strategy, Environmental Farm Plan, Sheep Biosecurity Plan, and Cleaning and Sanitizing Food Safety.

We have proudly owned and operated this farm for over three decades and are developing a very comprehensive plan that details how opening up our property for community, educational and intimate events will also provide benefits to the businesses and residents of our community!


Spectacularly Natural

In 2010 our family bought an additional 50 acre forested property approximately 3 kilometers away from our homestead. We have proudly owned and operated our farm for almost three decades and pride ourselves on taking excellent care of our livestock and the resources of our land, which includes raising our animals in a pasture-based system, free of antibiotics, hormones and chemicals.

Come and explore the joie de vivre of farm life and our quintessential landscapes.

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Natural farm raised beef

Our beef is raised in a pasture-based system, free of antibiotics, hormones, and chemicals. You can truly taste the difference of meat that was raised on open pastures.

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Farm fresh raised goat

Your farm tour is not complete until you meet our friendly goat herd. All our goats are raised here at Graham Creek Farm and you can truly taste the difference of meat that was raised on open pastures.

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Farm fresh raised eggs

Taste the difference that farm-fresh makes. Our local farm fresh eggs come from free-ranging chickens fed an all-natural diet and are free of antibiotics and hormones.

100% All Natural

Pasture-based farming

Our livestock are never fed growth hormones or synthetic feed additives. Our livestock’s natural diet of pasture and during winter months, hay and grains, means that you don’t have to wonder about what you’re putting in your body. Our meat is free from additives, steroids and hormones. Our animals are treated with antibiotics only if they are sick and under veterinary care.